About Us

​These are the craftsmen and artisans of Woods Aviation.


Robert L. "Bob" Woods

Bob is the son of Harris Woods, an aeronautical engineer who worked for Piasecki, McDonnell, North America, Lockheed, Bell, and Bensen Aircraft.  Harris Woods eventually formed Aerosport, Inc. and designed and flew eleven of his own designs (including the ever-popular Woody Pusher).  As a child Bob spent time around his father's workshop, building wooded wing ribs, swaging cables, and helping his dad build airplanes, gyros, and hovercraft.

After graduating Reynoldsburg High School, Bob attended the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics and earned his A&P License.  After college, he joined the U.S Air Force and continued his aviation career, working on F-4 Phantoms.  After his stint in the military, Bob obtained his IA and joined his father at Aerosport, Inc.  After his father passed, Bob opened Woods Aviation where he continues his life-long passion for the care and restoration of vintage aircraft.



Stefan "Stef" Schmid


Stef has a military aviation background.  He joined the U.S. Air Force out of high school and worked his way to crew chief on F-15 Strike Eagles.  After retirement, he obtained his IA and joined Woods Aviation.

Stef is an experienced craftsman who provides the highest caliber wood, fabric, metal, and paint service.  He is an invaluable part of the the Woods Aviation family.





Robert "Scott" Woods


Scott is the son of Bob Woods, owner of Woods Aviation. As a child Scott spent time around his father's workshop, stitching wing ribs, applying fabric tape, and helping his dad restore and fly classic airplanes.  Scott has been in aviation all his life.

After graduating high school, Scott attended Johnson Community College and then joined the U.S Air Force and worked in Missles and Space Systems, specializing as an ICBM Maintenance Technician.  Although no longer active duty in the U.S. Air Force, Scott continues to serve in the Air National Guard, honing his skills as a aircraft machinist and welder.  

In 1999, Scott earned his A&P and IA. In 2001, Scott obtained his Private Pilot's License (with tailwheel and complex endorsements).  Scott puts his technical skills and metalworking abilities to good use at Woods Aviation, helping restore vintage aircraft and continuing the family legacy his grandfather started.