Harris Woods and his legacy.

I cannot talk about Woods Aviation without paying homage to Harris Woods.  "Woody's" passion for aviation and natural mechanical abilities made him a prolific aeronautical engineer and designer.  In his career he worked for Piasecki, McDonnell, North America, Lockheed, Bell, and Bensen Aircraft.  Harris Woods eventually formed Aerosport, Inc. and designed and flew eleven of his own designs (including the ever-popular Woody Pusher).  Read more below by clicking the images.


Dave Gustafson's historical piece on Aerosport published in the February 1977 edition of Sport Aviation.
Jack Cox wrote a great article about the Aerosport Scamp in the December 1973 edition of Sport Aviation.
Michael Stockhill and Woody's article in the February 1972 edition of Sport Aviation.
Robert Haddock's article about the Aerosport Quail in the March 1972 edition of Sport Aviation.