Restoration Services.

"I only do things one way."

And that one way is the 'right way.' It is your airplane and your life. However, I will not undertake the restoration unless you understand and agree to this fundamental fact: I will not take shortcuts to save money and/or time if that shortcut comprises the safe operation of the airplane. Period. My goal is always to re-build and restore your aircraft to its former glory, using the best parts and the best practices I have learned over a lifetime of working on airplanes.

"My dad got me started working on planes when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Because he loved what he did, I grew to love it too - so this is really not work at all. Cutting, sanding, and staining wood formers, welding steel fuselages, re-building motors, shaping aluminum - it's all a labor of love, really."

Bob Woods is a tall imposing man, yet he has a kind, gentle spirit. He uses his hands when he talks and his excitement and love of aviation is apparent from the first conversation. He knows and loves to talk airplanes. Got a 'starter' question on your A-65? He has the answer. 'No, this is a -12. See here? If this were a -8 that accessory case would be different. Can't fit a starter on this one...but here's what we can do.' His eyes begin to twinkle as he shares his knowledge willingly and enthusiastically as he answers the questions and provides the solutions.

Need help with your restoration project? Fly in, drive over, email or call Bob. He'll be happy to discuss your project and how he can help transform it into something magnificent. Click the Contact Us tab above.